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Rumble (ランブル, Ranburu) loves using his quake-producing armament to shake up the opposition. Though he is most often found by the side (or rather, inside) of his powerful commander, Soundwave, Rumble can be a surprisingly effective warrior on his own. His piledrivers can open up the ground below his opponents, throwing even the mightiest warriors for a tumble! It's these moments of chaos that keep up Rumble's morale.


Voice actor: Keith Silverstein (English), Not Known (Japanese)

He is blue

His Cybertronian mode is a Cybertronian disk.






  • AllSpark (creator)
  • future Rumble (namesake descendant)




Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

Rumble loves using his quake-producing armament to shake up the opposition.


Following the defeat of the Primes in the Iacon Vaults, one of the Autobot leaders: Zeta Prime was transferred to Kaon prison facility where he was tortured by Soundwave. In the hopes of luring Optimus to Kaon, Megatron and Shockwave orchestrated events that allowed Zeta Prime to send a message to the Autobots revealing of his survival. Even though the Autobots recognized it for the trap it was, Optimus nevertheless led Bumblebee and Sidewipe allowing themselves to be captured and briefly imprisoned. They broke free, releasing all of the other Autobots in the prison and fought their way to Soundwave's laboratory. Soundwave protected himself behind an impenetrable forcefield and unleashed Rumble, Frenzy, and Laserbeak upon the Autobots. Any attempt by Optimus and his team to free Zeta was met with a gleeful attack by Rumble and his compatriots. However, when they received damage, Soundwave was forced to leave his protective shield to administer repairs, leaving him open to attack. Eventually, Soundwave and his minions were overwhelmed and had to retreat but not before mortally wounding Zeta Prime.

Rumble assisted Soundwave and Shockwave in thier efforts to repair Megatron, putting the Decepticon leader's new head into the assembly machine. He subsequently handed Megatron a Riot Cannon. Later, Rumble fought during the Decepticon assault on the Ark, destroying obstructions and helping his master fell enemies.