Optimal Primal, Maximal Leader

Optimal Primal (オプティマルプライマル, Oputimaru Puraimaru) is a stern and serious commander of the Maximals, devoted to protecting freedom and innocent life. He has seen the path of conquest and destruction already burned by Gigatron during the Beast Wars and swears it will not include their home planet, Animatron. Optimus Prime often finds himself in the role of "straight man" to the more comic stylings of the other Maximals and Predacons, and tends to treat their humorous exaggerations or personality quirks as statements of straightforward fact. His subordinates view him as a great leader, if stubborn and much too prone to long speeches. Optimual Prime's greatest weakness is his sense of nobility. If an adversary claims to have had a change of heart and discovered inner goodness, Prime will fall for it every single time. But once he finds out he's been had, they'd better watch out!


Voice actor: Garry Chalk (English), Takehito Koyasu (Japanese)

Optimal Primal is the wise and courageous leader of the Maximals. He loves all creatures and will fight with every last spark of energy to defend their home planet as well as helping the Autobots with Earth against the Decepticons and its inhabitants from Gigatron and his evil plan of conquest and destruction. He dreams of a lasting peace on the planet and in the universe. He has battled the Predacons during the Beast Wars many times and saved countless lives. His ferocity is legendary - his anger against injustice blazes like a six-alarm fire within him.

His Veichle Modes are a Jet and Land assault vehicle.









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